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To Protect and Serve Donuts

TL;DR: Man Beat, Police do nothing, Police wasted, Not religion, Me experienced, Don’t be idiot.


Do you know where to find a police officer right now?  Not who to call, but where to find them?  Is your first thought the nearest speeding trap, or maybe the highway.  They never seem to be there when you need them, we all know that.

On Saturday, July 2nd a redneck piece of trash assaulted a man on his way to church.  It happened in front of the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, the mosque often attended by Omar Mateen.  They had requested security from the St Lucie County Sheriff and even offered to pay for the addition support, but they were denied.    The police are very busy.  There are donut shops that need patrolling and fines that need to be collected.

While our police kept us safe from traffic violations and drug users a man was severely beaten.  The useful idiots jump to the spotlight taking sides.  Was it bigotry that led to this event or was it a lack of officers?  Here is a hint; there are three sides to every story, yours, mine, and the truth.


Bigotry and Religious Persecution

The Florida Muslim community has good reason to be upset, as does every resident of Lucie County.  After the events at the Pulse nightclub the mosque was clearly at risk for a foolish revenge attack.  Wilfredo Ruic of the Florida CAIR said:

This should not have happened, for over two weeks we have been emphasizing that the community from the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce needs to be offered security from the Sheriff’s Office. Unfortunately, our requests were repeatedly ignored. Will someone have to be killed for the sheriff to provide safety and security to this Mosque? Muslims are part of the community just like everyone else. It is his duty and responsibility to ensure the safety of all his citizens.

Ruic is right of course.  A police car stationed out in front would have been a huge deterrent.  Even if it wasn’t manned 24/7, a police car being seen in the parking lot would have greatly reduced the risk of the attack.

  • A Florida State University study found that police presence on high terror alert days reduced crime by as much as 15%.
  • According to the Thibodaux Police Department having unmanned, marked cars on streets reduced accidents by 10%.
  • When New Haven Connecticut put police back on foot patrol many crimes were reduced by 30% city wide.

Visible officers and cars are clearly a deterrent to criminals.  If not because of their religion why was the added support denied?

Man in front of Moque


The Case for an Under Staffed Police Force

I doubt the St Lucie sheriff heard the word mosque and decided that Muslims don’t warrant protection.  The fact that they so quickly arrested a suspect shows otherwise.   An old medical saying goes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; perhaps our police force should put a few pounds into prevention.   Sheriff Ken Maascara responded:

The terrorist attack in Orlando has our entire agency working extremely hard, our first and primary mission is to ensure the continued safety and security of our entire county. Placing patrol units at specific locations by special request, even if reimbursed by the requesting party, is evaluated based on staffing levels and can at times limit our ability to maintain our mission and appropriately respond to the entire community.

I believe this is the truth.  By that I mean that Ken Maascera believes what he is saying.  How many sheriffs’ cars were placed on the side of the road at speed traps during this time? How many highway patrolmen?   The data isn’t available for 2016 but according to the Florida’s date citation in St Lucie County in 2015:

  • 745 seatbelt violations
  • 15,062 speeding tickets
  • 25,433 non-criminal moving violations

Assuming it takes an average of 10 minutes to issue each ticket.  That is over 42,000 man hours writing tickets.  That is an average of over 80 man hours a week, not including time spent waiting on the side of the road or letting people go with warnings.  Why couldn’t 40 of these hours be devoted to sitting in front of the Mosque?   Do you really think someone doing 75 MPH in a 65 MPH zone presents a bigger danger then an attack at this mosque?

  • Florida’s highway patrol employs 2,075 people
  • There are 1946 sworn officers in Florida’s Highway Patrol.
  • All 50 states operate a large agency or division dedicated to traffic enforcement.

That’s just traffic. Police hours are wasted in many ways.

  • Ticketing people for jaywalking.
  • Bothering skateboarders in the park.
  • Enforcing loitering laws.
  • Hanging out in the parking lot of coffee shops.

None of these have an impact on public safety, but police are dealing with them instead of being present at areas of known threats.  How many hours are really being wasted? How much of our tax money is being flaunted?

Our legislators keep writing ridicules laws that do not serve the common good.  As a nation our priorities have been put on laws over safety.  Its fascism and most don’t even care.

Police writing a ticket 


Anecdote: The Time it Happened to Me

During a bad break up, I had been threatened repeatedly by my exes brother.  Those threats included bringing weapons to my house to “take care of” me.  When her family was coming to town to collect her stuff I requested police presence to keep things civil. I was told almost exactly what Maascara said above.

I chose to not be there during the move to avoid problems.  While driving I was pulled over for going 40 in a 35.  The officer let me go with a warning, but he could have just as easily spent that time at my apartment, instead of hiding behind some bushes.


There has to be a Better Way

What kind of police departs have we created? It is an expectation that police will be concentrated on the highways.  If we see a police patrol in a residential neighborhood we assume it’s dangerous. 

When Back Lives Matter and socialists, like Bernie Sanders, complain about or police force they are not far off.   Most police haven’t been helpful members of the community for some time.    Why do we accept that?

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