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Quick Thoughts: President Donald J. Trump

TL;DR: Hope me wrong. Hope you're right. Slate be clean.

Let's Make America Great

Over the last year, I have distanced myself from the Republican party.  I have distanced myself from the title of Conservative and I have outright rejected the campaign of Trump.  My principles remain steadfast.  I believe in a small limited government and see personal liberty as paramount.  I haven’t seen these things in the Trump campaign.

I hope I was wrong.

I have seen Trump as a Nationalist, Populist leader.  A man who appeals to the worst in human nature and reaches to paranoia and fear mongering to rally support.

I hope I was wrong.

I have seen Trump as a careless narcissist, a man without grace or consideration for others.  I have feared he will use the office of president to further his self-aggrandizement at expense of the people he has tricked into loving him.

I hope I was wrong.

Many have argued that once in office he will surround himself with the right people.  They believe that his cabinet will be made of men and women of unshakeable constitutional principles.  They feel that these great thinkers will influence the direction that Trump takes the country.

I hope you are right.

Others believe Trump is an outsider,  the man to “drain the swamp” and expose the corruption in Washington.

I hope you are right.

I have argued passionately with many of you over the last year.  At times it was downright nasty.  I will say this to you now, in my mind our next president has a clean slate now and today.   His victory speech tonight was a solid start.  I hope to see more of this side of him.

Do not think that this means I will give him a pass. If he proves my fears right and your hopes wrong, I will be even harsher on him as president then I was as a candidate.  My principles remain the same.  I hope to stand proud while every last one of you says, “I told you so.”  You will never see a man happier to be wrong. 

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