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The Bones Are Picked Clean in Orlando

TL;DR: Mateen bad. Banning guns bad. Banning Muslims bad. Police state bad. Vote Gary Johnson. Don’t be idiot.

Vultures feasting

49 people are dead, another 53 wounded; meanwhile the vultures circle, ready to pick the flesh off their carcasses.  The horde cheers, holding fast to the rhetoric.  Be it is banning weapons, outlawing immigration or a pervasive police state the implications are the same; vote for me and I will keep you safe.  The other side will lead you to death.  

Useful idiots line up on both sides of the isle, foaming at the mouth to give their freedom away. They hope that big brother can keep you safe from the gunmen.  Benjamin Franklin said it better than I can:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

If you let go of the sports team mentality in US politics you will realize that both sides are using what happened in Orlando to attack our freedoms.  It’s disgusting and disgraceful, but most have become so accustom that they don’t even notice.


Ban Assault Weapons

If you believe the government is a benign and friendly guardian and that no oppression could come from it, then discussing weapons bans might makes sense.  Of course that also makes you a fool.

  •  For over 100 years men were bought and sold as prosperity in the United States.
  • Many families were brought to this country and forced into generations of indentured servitude while working in deadly, improperly ventilated mines.
  • During WWII US born Japanese where locked into camps.
  • Currently US citizens are being imprisoned without a warrant or trial under the latitude handed to our government with the Patriot Act.

The most important aspect of the second amendment is that it enables us to take up arms against this kind of tyranny.  Tyranny has existed, does exist and will exist in this country.  Don’t worry; I’m sure no one has a reason to oppress you.  

They claim it will save lives.  This is just more bullshit used to convince you to give up your freedoms.  

  • The Boston Marathon was attacked with a bomb
  • 9-11 happened with planes.
  • France banned military weapons over 70 years ago.
  • AR-15’s have been banned in California since 1989.

I doubt Mateen would have gone to the gun store, found out the weapon he wanted was banned and then decided to devote his life to charity instead.


We write gun legislation in legrechaun blood and have it blssed by unicorn farts. Magic! 

Ban Muslim Immigration

How are you going to tell if someone is Muslim?

Bacon Frying 

No matter how scary a hijab might be, it is against every principal this country was built on to make laws based on religion. It is illegal, immoral, and corrupt to judge one man for the action of another.   A man should only be judged for his own actions.

If you think we should suspend all immigration, while we secure our borders and devise a better system, I’m all for the discussion.  A targeted ban on a religious group is completely different.  I cannot, support any action that is such a blatant attack on everything that I love about this country.

Mateen was not an immigrant.  There isn’t any evidence that his radical views were the result of contact with any immigrant. Even if you ignore everything else, this idea doesn't even apply to this situation.


Expand Police

It is bullshit to try and tie this to the attack in Orlando.  More money thrown at any organization wouldn’t have helped.  

The FBI had investigated Omar Mateen twice over the last three years.  At that time he hadn’t broken any laws.  We can’t arrest someone because he said bad things.  

Meanwhile, our police and military are both distracted by unnecessary, wasteful endeavors. 

  • The United States currently has over 700 foreign military bases in 70 countries.
  • In 2007 Alone 1.8 million people were arrested for victimless crime according to the Bureau of Justice statistics
  • Every day over 100,000 people receive traffic tickets without causing any harm to anyone else.

We are not underfunding our police or military.  They are being distracted by meaningless and wasteful laws.   I have to admit expansion might keep us safer from potheads and speeders.

It may seem that a pervasive police state would put an end to these dangers.  How did that work for Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia?

  • There were over a dozen active resistance groups who carried out attacks on Nazis during WWII
  • The Soviet Union faced no fewer than eight uprisings in its history.

You cannot stifle violence with oppression.  Trying to use a police state to stop terrorism is akin to fighting a forest fire with a flame thrower.

Oh yeah, fascism is evil too.




Vultures in Angel’s Clothing

To make it even more distasteful each politician’s comments starts with faux empathy.  My sincerely fake condolences for the families now give me your freedoms.  The bare minimum of respect is shown for these lives before our politicians use their death as a sledgehammer. 

Using the loss of human life to advance a political agenda is a disgusting, evil.  It shows complete disregard for the lives that were lost and complete disrespect for those of us remaining.  It is an attempt to influence our thoughts when we are the most vulnerable. 

Political conversations are worth having.  Guns, immigration and the role of police should be discussed.  Even the thoughts I most adamantly disagree with are valid talking points, but not within the context of this tragedy.   

 Dark angel with fire.

At least there is one who gets it.  On this issue presidential candidate Gary Johnson said:

In this immediate aftermath of what is clearly a tragic and despicable attack, our thoughts must be with the victims. Regardless of what the motivation is ultimately found to be, this violence against innocent people simply going about their lives is both cowardly and infuriating.  We must allow the authorities to do their jobs, understand how this attack came about, and then respond accordingly. It is not a time to either politicize or jump to conclusions.

Of course I wouldn’t expect you to throw your vote away on him just because he is a decent person who wants to defend your liberty.


Stopping Terrorist Attacks

We can’t stop all terrorist attacks.  There is no way to secure all of the people all of the time.  Attacks will happen and people will die.    It will be terrible and painful for us, but tragedy is a part of life.

Omar Mateen’s attack was on the very foundation of this country.  He set out to punish all of us for the audacity of allowing personal choice.   

Mateen had committed no crime prior to walking into that night club.  All law enforcement could do was watch and wait.  To do anything more would violate the most basic principles of this country, the very principals he sought to destroy.  

Within 24 hours of the attacks our politicians unanimously used the deaths to attack those very same principles.  Their approaches may appear different, but the result is the same.  Don’t be fooled.  The greatest victory you can give an enemy is to become him.  Your team wants us to become Omar Mateen.  What do you intend to do about it?

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